8kg Travail weight vest bundle (choice of colours)
Our ever popular multi curve training plates alongside the amazing new Gen2 Viper VX Buckle Up Plate carrier, which has a host of excellent features making it the perfect choice for your training needs:
Viper Tactical VX Buckle Up Plate Carrier Quick release buckles throughout
Velcro id panel on front with Travail reflective patch by Tacbelts UK
Padded front and back internal panels Quickly removable due to side quick release clips
Removable front MOLLE panel
Removable shoulder pads
Fully adjustable Sizing adjustment sides and shoulders
Mesh cummerbunds for added ventilation during the hardest of work outs
Zip front pocket to keep vaulables safe
Optional mobile phone
Low profile for less interference during workouts
Sweat wicking padding on front and rear plate bags
Travail Fitness Group Granit2 multi curve training plates for maximum unencumbered movement during exercise 
Weight is BOTH plates combined
Lifetime warranty on all Travail training equipment
Front and back are uniquely shaped for a precise fit
Our weighted plates are laser cut from CR4/S275JRPO non-aging steel.
Beveled edges to protect your carrier from unnecessary wear and tear
Form fitting allowing for better distributation of the load.
Powder coated to ISO9001 
Multi-Curved ergonomic profile
Lifetime warranty on all Travail training equipment

8kg Travail weight vest bundle