Travail Fitness replica soft armour inserts


Designed to work alongside our training plates, these soft armour replica inserts serve a double function, firstly, they increase the plate thickness by an extra 6mm (1/4") filling out the plate bag on the carrier as a real armour set would (most real world ballistic plates are designed to work alongside soft armour) and they can also gently increase the weight 650 grams at a time for those looking to do so.
Made from flexible solid neoprene rubber they are designed to be inserted in front of our steel/neoprene training plates, they will mould themselves to whichever design of plate you are currently running be it single or multi-curve.


  • Professionally cut to exact dimensions
  • Available as a single or as a pair
  • Lifetime warranty on all Travail Fitness training equipment
  • Designed to be used alongside our training plates for increased realistic training
  • 304mm x 240mm (Will fit in all carriers that take a medium SAPI plate (and above).

Travail Fitness Replica Soft Armour Inserts