Utilising the TLSFX 38mm mortar round the Travail Training solutions pyrotechnic mortar/launcher is now available!

Capable of being shoulder fired or if sites don’t allow for rounds below a certain angle, as a traditional mortar set up. 

- Machined aluminium body
- Reinforced blast area
- Removable control handles (included)
- Aluminium picatinny rails
- QD sling mounts
- Viper VX adjustable sling (included)
- Removable base plate
- Non slip heat dispersing shoulder pad for operator protection and added recoil control
- Stainless steel helicoils in all fixings to eliminate thread stripping 
- Powder coated to ISO900
- Crowned and Smoothed bore for maximum frictionless firing 

Rounds can be purchased at www.tlsfx.co.uk

Travail Training Solutions airsoft pyrotechnic 38mm mortar/launcher