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New product development: Part 1

So the first blog on here was going to be about the short history of Travail Fitness (why? when? ethos, mission etc) and that still going to happen, but probably best written when I haven't been at it all day in the workshop, which as it turns out segues nicely into todays topic, new product development.

We are pleased to announce that our Farmers Carry/Walks (can never decide on which is the best term for them) are all fabricated and ready for powder coating (as soon as our next batch of weighted vest plates gets in from the laser cutters, next week fingers crossed)

100 x 50 x 6mm box section

We started off with the strongest base possible, we want these to be the last pair you'll never have to buy (plus these are covered in our life time guarantee), for this we opted for 100mm x 50mm x 6mm box section which gives them enormous amount of strength! These can take a whopping 350kg/772lb each, easily!

Cutting the handle sections.

Once all the other parts were cut, we cap the ends (see above) on all of the box section, there's nothing worse than exposed box section on exercise equipment (come on guys that's just lazy!), the only open section on these are the round handles, and that's because the powder coaters need somewhere good and strong to hang them (these things are fairly heavy, but we'll touch on that later...) but in that case we have machined the edges both inside and out to give the best finish possible.

All the parts are then carefully assembled, checked, and then checked again for accuracy, coming from an aerospace background this has become second nature.

All our welding is to BS EN ISO 9606-1:2013 standard, just another reason we are so confident in our products, which means you can be too

We have 320mm of machined loadable section (same as an Olympic barbell) with an O.D of 48mm to allow clearance.