It's official! The new multi curve plates are coming!

March 10, 2019

Here at Travail we are committed to bringing you exactly what you are looking for, and after numerous requests for a more ergonomic multi curve plate we are pleased to announce that after extensive testing and hours of research and development, they are now in the final stages of production and you know we will bring you the product we know you have come to expect from us, and will be launching on Monday the 18th March.


Prices are as follows:


£36.99 7lb/3.2kg with 12mm closed cell neoprene sponge backing

£40.99 7lb/3.2kg with 15mm closed cell neoprene sponge backing

£47.99 10lb/4.5kg with 12mm closed cell neoprene sponge backing

£52.99 10lb/4.5kg with 15mm closed cell neoprene sponge backing


The pre-order is live now! (Click here for direct link)


As a thank you for all the support and interest every pre-order will receive a 10% discount automatically added when you make your selection, andd those of you that have existing discount codes can run them alongside this promotion for even more discount, makes filling out those Trustpilot reviews worth while now hey, so some of you could end up with a whooping 20% off the RRP!

Also all pre-orders will ship Friday 15th so you will get your plates before everyone 



Below are a few pictures of them in production, they are all currently at the powder coaters having the finishing touches added, so we've yet to get a picture of the completed product, but trust us when we say you most certainly won't be disappointed!










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