Travail Fitness multi-curve training plate system

We're excited for the finished product and from the feedback we've been getting, we know you are too!

Take your training or game play intensity to new heights with a set of our precision made training plates, wether you're in law enforcement, the military, an avid airsofter, Crossfit enthusiast, endurance racer or any type of athlete looking to take it to the next level, then these are just the thing you're looking for!

In fact our plates have proven to be very popular with the private security industry also as a useful training tool as they're a low cost alternative to expensive ceramic body armour plates.


*PLEASE NOTE: these are for training purposes ONLY, they offer NO ballistic protection*


We know you take your training/gaming seriously and to reflect that we pay attention to every detail in the manufacture of our equipment, from beveling the edges to protect your vest from unnecessary and untimely wear and tear, powder coated so they last a lifetime, to hand finishing and rigid quality control, we ensure the quality you expect.

These are mounted with either 12 or 15mm neoprene sponge backing and now we are pleased to add a third option, we now have a 20mm pyrosorb sponge option for those looking for maximum comfort or to fill out their carrier, for example; if you have the 10lb/4.5kg set with the 20mm pyrosorb you have a thickness of 24mm, and with the soft armour inserts, you have a whopping 30mm! These option offer an unrivaled level of comfort  and shock absorbsion during strenuous activities and dynamic game play, this also helps spread the load by allowing multiple points of contact as the neoprene/pyrosorb moulds to the wearer.


There are also discounts for all former and currently serving military and emergency services personel, just message us either on the chat function here on the website or drop us an email: for the relevent discount codes, just our way of saying thank you to those who serve,

(some proof of service maybe required, please don't be offended if asked)

All UK orders over £100 qualifiy for free standard shipping

  • Weight is BOTH plates combined

  • Lifetime warranty on all Travail training equipment

  • Front and back are uniquely shaped for a precise fit

  • Our weighted plates are laser cut from CR4/S275JRPO (thickness dependant) non-aging steel.

  • Beveled edges to protect your carrier from unnecessary wear and tear

  • Multiple options for a perfect overall thickness to fill out your carrier and retain its perfect shape, keeping pouches and other equipment firmly in place

  • Form fitting allowing for better distributation of the load.

  • Powder coated to ISO9001

  • Multi-Curved ergonomic profile

  • Will fit any carrier that takes medium (and above) E-SAPI plate, including all JPC type carriers with a medium (or bigger) plate